Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

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This blog has been inactive for some time, just making it official.
On this last day of summer, I am retiring the blog….so I can get to WORK.

We survived the summer and the return to school.

While the Mischief and Mayhem are hard at work in their classrooms, I will be laboring….in the studio.      Exploring different mediums, teaching an art lesson or two, and making my dream of living a creative life come true.  Will revive the blog, although in a different format, in the future.  Until then, you can find Mischief and Mayhem…and our newest addition, a puppy named Olive….on Instagram

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what!!!!!!!??????? you are retiring the blog!!!!!! my blog mentor!!!!! I'm so sad!!!!!!!!! :-((((

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Best wishes to you Jennifer! Will look forward to keeping in touch with you, my "virtu-real" friend on Instagram. :) If you need some creative inspiration in Europe; please come visit.... I'm planning on retiring House of Marlowe as well. Cheers to the next chapter... xo

pve design said...

Blog land is just not the same without you. Please come back but, git to work girl. Time's a wastin.
Lord, help us.

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