Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trim the tree

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Here Comes Trouble
by Kelly Reemtsen

More of her work here

Deck the halls and trim the tree.  Literally, I trimmed the tree this year.

Where have all the Charlie Brown Christmas trees gone?  Every tree on the lot this year….perfectly symmetrical cones of evergreen, no little nooks for hanging ornaments or glimpses of textured bark.

Camellias, I was once told, should be thinned until "you can throw a cat through it."  Well, I'm applying the same practice to my tree….except maybe just a hamster.

Trimmed….and trimmed with ornaments.

Despite my efforts, Mischief and Mayhem are much more interested in the train shadowed by our thinned out tree.

Toot toot, Christmas is right around the corner.


pve design said...

It's perfect. A little plastic surgery of sorts. As my friend says, "I went with bangs rather than botox!" A little trim can take years off~ Your tree looks young and spiffy!
Up early, heading in to NYC to bring our son for ACL surgery....and I found so many great medical illustrations.....wondering of you did some that I found. Snip snip.

I Dream Of said...

What a sweet tree! It looks lovely - you are a master barber. I hope there are no railway incidents this year! XOXO

Lissy Parker said...

The thinned out tree looks great—but, the girls steal the show. They are so Very cute! Merry Christmas!
xo, lissy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

oh no Patricia, many prayers for his speedy recovery

Jennifer C. Webb said...

oh yes Jeanne, we've already had a derailment to clean up

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