Thursday, December 19, 2013


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A winter still life, including paperwhites,
created by florist and stylist Amy Merrick.

Based in Brooklyn, NY her website as
beautifully designed as her floral creations.
A favorite of mine on instagram, follow her here

Mayhem helped me force paperwhites for this year.  Planted in hurricane vases, a candy jar, and even a champagne chiller…the tall containers provide built-in support.  Anchored with only pea gravel, a cleaner and more attractive alternative to dirt in these transparent planters.  Planted in stages to take us through the entire holiday season.

These past their prime, but I still love the texture and green they provide.

Blooms in a sunny window.

About to bloom in the foyer.

This little guy a little slow, he needs some Santa magic.



omg…I WANT!!!!!!!

Lissy Parker said...

I am still waiting on blooms-mine are really slow. I love the gravel with glass containers, they look very clean and fresh. Have a very Merry Christmas!
xo, lissy

I Dream Of said...

What a fun project - and beautiful results. I confess, I buy mine already forced, but love them all the same. The scent is heavenly. Yours look lovely - even the little guy who needs a little Santa magic! XO

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful, and so artfully done! SB

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