Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hanging of the greens

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A silhouette created with fir branches and photosensitive ink applied to fabric.  For more information and directions see here

The tradition of hanging evergreens during the cold winter months dates back to ancient times.  Once hung over windows and doors to ward off evil spirits and disease, evergreens became associated with everlasting life and rebirth upon the advent of Christianity.  

This symbolism is hard to appreciate during our modern times with our heated homes, artificial lights and worse...artificial trees.  The Jacob Kelly House, dating back to 1820, heated only with fireplaces and lit only with sunlight and candles provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing the virtue of hanging evergreens.  Decorated with native plants…smilax, magnolia, nandina, pine, and holly…the rooms, otherwise dark and cold, appeared welcoming and hopeful.


I Dream Of said...

How pretty. The fire and candlelight looks so inviting. While I appreciate my central heating, there is something so peaceful about a fire's glow. What a lovely spot to visit at Christmas. XO

deb* said...

great photos!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Deb….the low light was both challenging and beautiful

Woodside Park said...

Stunning photos, Jennifer!! How I love the essence of early American Christmas. Pure, simple and soulful!!

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