Thursday, December 12, 2013

Edible Art

Artist Will Cotton's (posted previously here)
collaboration with Ladurée...macarons
with ginger infused whipped cream presented
in a box featuring one of his painting.
Brilliant, edible art.

More of his work here

Mischief and Mayhem made some edible art this holiday season too…gingerbread men.  At the home of a special friend….who welcomes little friends each year for a gingerbread decorating party.  Laughs and giggles, icing and sprinkles….a fun afternoon.

Mrs. Jeanne welcoming her guests.

Not satisfied with her work, Mayhem repeatedly licked the icing off of her cookie and started over…three times.

Careful, Mayhem will lick you.

I pray trails of sprinkles did not follow us throughout the house.

A quick chat with Santa.

And caroling too.

The light was getting low.

Time to go home.


I Dream Of said...

What a holiday delight. Your girls must have just loved it - Christmas magic everywhere! I wish I had one of those gingerbread man to eat with my coffee this morning!

Enjoy your weekend! XO


i need to tour that house the next time im in town-BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Lucy, you would loooove Jeanne…must visit, we can schedule a visit to their house. You should see the house their son is renovating….amazing. Maybe he needs a designer haaa?!

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