Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Race

It was a race to host Thanksgiving this year.  

No time to prepare this year, I spent a late night scavenging what I could find to decorate the house for Thanksgiving.  An old newspaper announcement of Thanksgiving races…read more here…pumpkins from my last garden club meeting and magnolia leaves from the yard.  The paperwhites I had prepared for Christmas got called up early to decorate for Thanksgiving.

A few flowers from Bi-Lo (slim pickins') and I had materials for a centerpiece.  BUT, no oasis ugh….pebbles from a gravel path in the yard surprisingly held water and stems perfectly.

Centerpiece done and the table set.  Scenes from the day.  

Okay, who left the coke can on the windowsill?

The kids were invited to the big table this year.

And even had their own libations.


It was fun...

…until it wasn't

Bad Attitude from Jennifer C. Webb on Vimeo.


Judith Ann said...

Oh my goodness, all of the children are growing up so fast. I do miss my Hartsville visits. Your Thanksgiving setting was beautiful.

MH said...

Oh my goodness I laughed out loud!!! The youngest always gets picked on. HA! Loved this blog post. The table looks amazing! xo

MK said...

That dining room was made for beautiful. Your bench looks lovely too!

Lissy Parker said...

Jennifer, what a beautiful table! Looks like a wonderful time. The video was just the Best!
xo, Lissy

pve design said...

It was a first this year, just us for Thanksgiving. My youngest (mind you she is 14) said, we can burp and fart if we want to. Too bad I did not capture that on video.
Your table is gorgeous.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

haaaaa Patricia, I hope you too were able to control yourselves

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