Friday, November 15, 2013


"I'm simply a gatherer who loves doing unusual things with flowers"
Becky Davis

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Dwarf Palmetto
Sabal Minor

Dried and pressed botanical by South Carolina artist
Becky Davis

More of her work here

Garden & Gun magazine described Becky as a "true gatherer."  She gathers palms, ferns, leaves and other native plants from the South Carolina marshes, lakes and bogs which she then takes back to her studio, creating works of art.

She recollects growing up in the rural South..."In our house the prevailing philosophy was that nothing - not even joe-pye weed, sweetgrass, or globe thistle - was too humble to use for decoration."

A philosophy I can appreciate...especially when you have no budget for flowers.  So when I hosted the Spring Beauty Garden Club meeting this month, I gathered greenery from the yard and palmettos from the farm.  Dried hydrangeas, white pumpkins, and a bit of cotton accented the various arrangements and vignettes.  Even gathering some oyster shells from the local recycling drop-off ....after a good soaking in some bleach, they held branches in place.  Images from the day.

A great meeting, followed by a beautiful day spent outdoors with Mischief and Mayhem.

While I'll be posting less often here,
I'll be posting regularly on instagram...join me there.


pve design said...

Why just this morning I scampered off to the post office to mail your wee package.....
love all you gather....

Jennifer C. Webb said...

so excited Patricia, thank you!

MK said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the cotton-filled fireplace and the spectacular library table arrangement. Where did you find your cone shaped hanging planter on the front door? Your DR curtains look so beautiful with the autumnal arrangements.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

MK: hanging basket came from a local junk shop...a surprise find

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Another great talent you have.... always spectacular.
Glad you are enjoying your time away from the PC!

deb* said...

oyster shell recycling....who knew?!? love the 'welcoming' photos!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks deb....the shells are taken back to the coast to build new oyster beds. Hope they don't mind I "borrowed" a few ha

Woodside Park said...

So beautiful and gracious, Jennifer! I love the natural drama you've created with foliage. And I still LOVE my tallow berries. Thank you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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