Friday, November 1, 2013

Fairy Blondemother

Fairy Blondemother

Mischief, Mayhem and fellow blonde friends Emma and Jane went to pay a visit to their Fairy Blondemother this Halloween. 
Emma, Mischief, Jane, and Mayhem

She lives in a magical house, which is festooned with autumn regalia every Halloween.

There is always plenty of candy.

Fairy Blondemother fills your bag while Momma isn't watching.

And always time to explore...the same house they haunted last year.

Thank you Mrs. Jeanne...our Fairy Blondemother!

Just a few more pictures before we go.

It was a long day...wait, it was a long week.  Costumes on, camera out...and repeat.
Since when did we start celebrating Halloween mid October?


I Dream Of said...

So cute! Wish I had a Fairy Blondemother! Now, on toward Thanksgiving we go! XO

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Too cute for words.... wish I had a Fairy Blondemother too! :)

Lissy Parker said...

Such little cutie pies!

Mr Paul said...

How fabulous is Mrs Jeanne. I think I need to get me Fairy Blondemother too now!

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