Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Je Veux...

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Still life with Myself in the Mirror
oil on linen

by French artist Isabelle Melchior
represented by TEW Gallery 
more of her work here

Je veux...a studio in Paris.

I want a studio like Isabelle Melchior.  A painter and sculptor, she works in a converted stable in Montparnasse...surrounded by greenery and stacks of canvas. 
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Je veux...a home in the French countryside.

Isabelle's storybook home in Jacqueville, near Fontainebleau.  The perfect respite from the busy streets of Paris.

Je veux...a verdant untamed garden.

Isabelle and her Mother picking raspberries.

Je ne veux pas....my Mother living with me.

Sorry Mom, you would have an open invitation to visit of course....
with a glass of wine on table waiting for you.
Madame Melchior

Most of the photos above via Timothy Tew, founder of TEW Galleries here.  Excerpts I gleaned from his video interview.  Words of wisdom not lost in translation.

"I am more attached to the success of the artwork
than to being well known."

"We sacrifice quite a bit...money doesn't interest me
but it does permit me time to create and that is
precious, extremely precious."

"In the spiritual search, a painting is something
we can contemplate and hang on a wall...
it gives joy and happiness."


Anonymous said...

Isabelle's opening night for her show at TEW is 10/25. She will be in attendance...would love for you to join me. I heard her speak years ago at TEW, and she is as lovely as her work. Love the piece you feature at the top of your post...timely inspiration.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

wish I could, busy weekend here...will have to be satisfied watching the videos you sent like 10 more times. Thank you so much for sending me that link, the pictures have filled my daydreams all week! Perfect timing

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Dreamy indeed!

I Dream Of said...

How about we share a studio like Isabelle Melchior's? I bet my painting would improve substantially with a space like that to work in. Her work is gorgeous, almost dream-like. Thanks for the Wednesday inspiration! XO

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I've stalked Isabelle all over the web this week with not much result...sounds like a great excuse to visit Atlanta to see her work at the gallery

pve design said...

I love her. Such love for her craft. I see that in her exquisite work.

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