Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beautiful, peaceful gloom

"A sombre yet beautiful and peaceful gloom here pervaded all things"
Edgar Allan Poe
from The Island of the Fay

Digging through some old artwork yesterday, I stumbled upon this figure study from college.  Perfect, Halloween decor for my office.  Then I entire house is a bit halloweenish all year round. 
An antique etching hung on the exposed brick of my office.
A tasteful (in the eye of the beholder) illustration of a hip replacement I created years ago.

How has this not scared my children yet?
18th century painting of a grostesque (I think it's pretty) medical condition.  Yes, that is an ear in the foreground...another project from school, a prosthetic...I worked hard on that, it's staying.
Sure, all above perfectly acceptable for the studio of a medical illustrator right?  But it continues throughout the house...which I truly did not notice until today.  Old paper, books and photographs....vignettes of "peaceful gloom?"  Welcome to my haunted house.

Another figure study from college whose paper has oxidized over the years to a sombre ochre.  Dang, even the girls' silhouettes look eerie.
Crusty books
Another project from my college days...a cemetery...I swear I wasn't creepy.  
An old photo of the Hugenot Church in Charleston, SC.
More ancestors
Two hundred year old inherited documents...
...held together with a faded ribbon.
Remnants of a dead animal in the foyer. 
Is it just this time of year...when everything just looks a little spooky? 


Pigtown*Design said...

are you a medical illustrator? we have a lot of max brodel's work at our offices (medical society of maryland).


i love it and totally remember the lady with the rolly neck!!!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Yes, a medical illustrator....but with a lot less talent than Max Brodel ha. His series of kidney stones is one of my favorite...actually beautiful

Carol said...

Ooo! I'd love to come to tea at your house and have a good snoop around! I study anatomy (in an amateur fashion) and I have lots of stuff around too (books, models). I love your drawings, they're so beautiful.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Carol, love old paper of any anatomical rendering on old paper even better! My daughter told someone I draw "your insides." I need to take them to Disney or something

pve design said...

How remarkable to see the signs of your calling in your home. I need your critical eye and lens to photograph signs of my own career and tie it to a holiday.
Clever how, Halloween and medical illustrator are kindred spirits.

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