Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White, Yellow and Green

"The world is glittering with gold, and yellow streamers
of sunlight wind through the tree boughs like
God was throwing a party"

Christine Anderson

via here
White, Yellow and Green
oil on canvas

by Chilean hyperrealist painter
Claudio Bravo

more information  here

Remember this post...well, I finally got around to having a pillow made from the antique white, yellow, and green fragment I found in Paris.  

Many swatches later, I settled on a Lee Jofa velvet in basil.

Up to this point I've just purchased "pillas" (rhymes with nilla, as in wafers.)  This my first fancy pillow.  Thank you to Martha Moore of D'Antignac Designs  for the construction.  

This summer's nasturtiums will fade, but now I'll have a little yellow and green all year round.



oh i LOVE it!!!!! lee sofa (and awesome tapestry) make the whole vignette!!
do you mind letting me know who i can buy some lee jofa fabric from? (hehehe)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

well of course....from this fab designer Lucy Williams! Thank goodness she answers design questions and orders via e-mail haaaa.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Really beautiful Jennifer.... the perfect memento of Paris!

deb* said...

Absolutely gorgeous....'perfect memento' is right!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks y'all....I dare Mischief and Mayhem to sit on it

I Dream Of said...

I love it! How gorgeous and what a lovely way to remember your trip to Paris! XO

pve design said...

I must say that I miss Mischief & Mayhem...I wanted to see them sitting pretty there eating some sort of lemon tart. You know I went through my yellow and green period and now I am in my white and black period.
I am looking forward to sharing it when it's all ready.

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