Monday, August 19, 2013

The last first day

via here
10 x 8, oil on panel
by Atlanta based artist
Karin Jurick

more of her work here

My little birds have flown the coop.  New dresses ironed and new book bags packed with contraband (a blanket and a much loved stuffed animal), Mischief and Mayhem were ready for the first day of school this morning.  

The beginning of this new school year marks the end of a photo series for Mischief.  This being her last first day of preschool.  Those small unsure steps down the walk in 2010 have grown into a confident stride.

Mischief (2K)

Mischief (3K)

Mayhem (2K) and Mischief (4K)

Mischief (5K) and Mayhem (3K)


Mayhem, you'll have Daddy all to yourself next year.  And proud of you Mischief, you've come a long way since this creative version of your ABCs.

ABC from Jennifer C. Webb on Vimeo.


I Dream Of said...

My heart just melted. It's a puddle on the kitchen floor. Your girls are so lovely. You must be so proud, Mom! Good luck to Miss Mischief and Miss Mayhem - hope it's a year full of adventures for them. XO

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Jeanne, school was great until it was time to do homework...they aren't so cute when screaming at me

Woodside Park said...

Your girls are pure sunshine!!! They are beautiful, Jennifer. Hope they had a fabulous first day. And Mayhem, her bangs have grown out??!! So cute!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Loi, we're still working on the bangs....the huge bow helps ha. Bow camouflage

deb* said...

love their sweet dresses!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be any sweeter! And reminded me I forgot, for the first time, to take a pic of T's first day (3rd). Sad. May stage a faux first day tomorrow?
That video? Adorable. Wheels came off at l.m.n.o.p - didn't stop Mischief - she made it her own. Ha!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Deb, the dresses made it home without paint or marker amazingly

MK: you must staged the make-up pic haaa

Lissy Parker said...

So sweet! I remember this age—the best. Enjoy them every day.
xo, lissy

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Where has the year gone?! I'm just back from a bit of a blogging break and I vividly remember your post from the first day last year. What beautiful girls you have. I hope you had a wonderful summer and that the school year holds lots of blessings!

pve design said...

A plus and I vote for your girls for future Presidents.
We need somebody who know's their P's & Q's.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Crissy, glad you are back from what I'm sure has been a fruitful summer with your family.

Patricia, you never fail to make me LAUGH!

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