Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday Flowers

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Large Dead Leaf No. 2
tempera on card
by English painter Eliot Hodgkin

"Nothing makes you feel that you've overstayed your welcome
like a flower arrangement that has withered and died."

Holly Brubach

Friday flowers on a Wednesday?  Fresh blooms are scarce as fall draws near...more time.  So I've constructed an arrangement that will take me through many Friday Flowers.

Fresh green foliage in my foyer that I hope will wither and die....and dry to soft parchment color seen in the painting above.  A humble arrangement, yet interesting in form, that won't require any time or attention.  

Fronds of sago palm and cast iron plant inspired by those seen below.  A simple tabletop arrangement that caught my eye in a recent Garden & Gun article.  Sure I was supposed to be admiring the artwork filled study...but instead found myself studying the interesting arrangement.  It's rare to see magazine layouts these days that have not been styled to death...orchids on every table and the ubiquitous Hermés blanket draped across a chair.  So it was so refreshing to see this down to earth yet creative arrangement.  Fingers crossed my own leaves dry so handsomely.  
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