Sunday, July 28, 2013

A tea party

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Rosie's Tea Party
by "Pop Surrealism" artist
Mark Ryden

More of his work here

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage."
-Catherine Douzel

When Mischief requested a tea party for her birthday this year I thought great, a simple party at home.  We made a trip to the craft store and found ourselves strolling the aisles of fake flowers...those dark aisles that used to make me think...."who buys this crap?"
Well, apparently I do.

We hung a few of the flowers on the chandelier and pulled out the silver....simple is subjective right?  

(fyi:  I still want to outlaw fake plants, flowers....and definitely red mulch...but that's another blog post)

Next we borrowed MeMe's perfectly pink depression glass and set the table.

Thanks MeMe!

More paper flowers strung across the mirror.  A good husband is one that walks through a room, sees you happily stringing flowers together above some weird looking bird...and just keeps on walking.  

Hey Aunt Jane, this is for you.  The kitschy planter you challenged me to repurpose...the ugly duckling turned into a swan???

Dolls were invited too and had their very own table.

The tables set, Mischief and Mayhem waited for our guests.

The first to arrive...Granddaddy who brought his own doll.
Howdy Pilgrim.

Mischief and Baby Caroline, Granddaddy and a diminutive John Wayne, and Mayhem with Miriam.

We decorated hats with ribbon and flowers for the dolls.  More craft store're welcome Hobby Lobby. 

The girls attended their dolls and served them goodies.  

Even "the Duke" got a little unexpected slow dance.

Mischief and friends.

With a ring of the was tea time.

This tea party had excellent service...a handsome waiter served cake and tea.  Dad of the year!

Mischief and friends had a great time...
the big girls too.

And for her guests...tea party themed lollipops.  
via Etsy shop A Pocket Full of Sweets 

When asked if she had a good time she replied
"Yes Momma, but it was kinda loud...
aren't tea parties are supposed to be quiet."

"Tea should be taken in solitude."
-C.S. Lewis

Happy Birthday Mischief


Ricki Treleaven said...

:D I LOVE this post!!! What adorable girls, and the tea party was a huge success I can tell! Mischief's tea party was a tad bit more festive than Rosie's for sure! Everything is so pretty. When my girls were younger we had tea parties all the time. I miss those little days!!!

Ricki Jill


Omg-I LOVE IT!!!! Especially he available for bartending services? Your dads doll cracked me up!!! Those little girls not only had fun but were exposed to the perfect example of southern entertaining!!! The plates, flowers, decor- PERFECT!!!!! Come do a party for me!! And bring john- hehe

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks y'all. We had so much fun decorating and celebrating. She is already planning her party for next year! When can we just have a spend the night party and pizza?

Lucy: John was her second choice.....she wanted Carson, a little boy from her class to come serve them. Thankfully for Carson, John volunteered.

Julia Ryan said...

So precious! Love this idea!
*we call our two mischief and mayhem as well ;)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Julia...the nicknames appropriate for all children under the age of 5 right?! Mayhem screamed "Nooooo" and "stop it" throughout the singing of Happy Birthday to sister. She wasn't ready to sing yet I guess. Chaos.

I Dream Of said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Mischief! What a fun party, everything looks so pretty. And I love that Dad got into the act, too. From the dolly table to the swan, all the little details were so lovely. What a lucky birthday girl! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mischief!!! And Welcome Back Jennifer! Beautiful party...everything and everyone looks lovely.
The little girl in the top painting looks just like Mayhem!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

haaaaaa MK, Mayhem saw that picture on my computer last night and asked...."is that me?"

Anonymous said...

Ha, I though the same! Whose shoes did she wear to the party? Reminds me of photos from my 4th birthday party, when the game was "high-heel races" in my mother's shoes. Perhaps she and her friends had had a little too much "tea". :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

MK: saving that idea for Mayhem....she would love high-heel races, I have to kick her out of my shoes all the time. MeMe gave her those sparkly shoes....she had a gold pair too but she finally wore them out.

Anonymous said...

No he didn't! Dad of the year, priceless! So pretty! Love that the adults were just as into it as the little guys! SB

Jennifer C. Webb said...

SB: GG and Sassy were handing out wine to the adults, par-tay. Wish John would dress and serve at dinner time.

deb* said...

What fun to see this post and what a party---I loved seeing all the decorations and finishing touches! What good sports Granddad and Dad were to help make it a success--and John Wayne no less!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Deb: Granddaddy and Daddy, our heroes. True Grit

pve design said...

Are you for real? Seriously, my pinky is just wiped out for all that tea and mischief. If you ever have a 3rd child or pet, the name must be "Crumpet" or some sort of tea party name. I could do an illustrated book of your life.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia: there is talk of a puppy. The girls want a girl dog but want to name it after their Daddy. That is gonna be one confused dog. Love, Mrs. Crumpet

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