Monday, June 10, 2013

In the Studio

Short on time and inspiration...I found both this weekend.  Inspiration via Instagram...while Jane Lilly Warren (one half of Matchbook Magazine) toured the Renwick Gallery, part of the Smithsonian, I was stuck inside (more rain) with some time on my hands.  Time to think...and time to think out loud on Instagram.

The original painting from
Jane Lilly Warren's Instagram tour.

via here
Betty Wertheimer
completion date 1908

John Singer Sargent
National Museum of American Art

As soon as she posted the pic of Sargent's Betty Wertheimer, I posted it to my easel and went about developing a painting based on this painting.

I was drawn more to the colors in the Instagram pic rather than those in the original painting.  The gilt frame, the yellow overtones, her creamy skin, a hint of gray...all complimenting her rose dress.

Working in layers of acrylic...once dry, adding some depth and texture with iridescent gold and oils.

A humbling experience...I'm naming this one "Practice."  Thankful I have a day job.  Mayhem however...needs a job.  For sale...original work by an emerging artist.  

Very Cy Twombly?
via here


kayce hughes said...

I love it!!!!!!!
You might need to quit your day job.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

what do you mean? I think it looks great... love the color palette.... and your budding artist.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

it looks "timid" to me....think I'm better suited for painting brain doesn't work in abstract. But I'm determined to get this! More practice

Woodside Park said...

Ooooooh, Mayhem - way to go!!! :) I have a friend working at Gagosian Gallery. Perhaps we should book Mayhem an appointment? Just remember I get to choose a free painting from her first solo exhibition ;)

Woodside Park said...

PS - Your painting is lovely!!

Jennifer C. Webb said... would the gallery feel about a painting title "Ariel" the mermaid. I kid you not, that is what she named it haaa


i love "practice".....keep it up-awesome!!!!

pve design said...

Have some bourbon!

Glady Catlett-Professional Doctorate said...

Thank you for including the link for the Betty Wertheimer painting. Abstract work is really challenging to everyone. It is challenging to the viewer in order to truly gain a grasp of what is being interpreted. It is also, clearly, challenging to the artist to make it compelling. As the artist, your opinion matters the most.

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