Friday, June 7, 2013

In the rain - Friday Flowers

"Looking at a painting by Jenn Shifflet is like being
submerged in water or floating in outer space."

From the essay by Chandra Cerrito
read in its entirety here

For more work by artist Jenn Shifflet

Jenn Shifflet's work appropriate for this rainy day.  Like looking through our foggy windows out onto the flooded yard.  In the courtyard...the blooms of our Annabelle hydrangea are heavy with the weight of the raindrops.

Inside, in a from the deluge.



Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Mr. Longfellow was a wise man. :) Love the white and green against the pop of your coral drapes! Happy weekend!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

don't you miss tropical storms Crissy....hope there are clear blue skies for your visit home this summer

pve design said...

I love those masses of hydrangea, just not all the masses of rain we seem to be having although our grass is lush and a verdant rain forrest.

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