Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Pool

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Girl in Orange
oil on canvas

Marie Fox
more of her work found here

The pool is's officially bathing suit season.  While Mischief and Mayhem have been counting the days until it opened, I've been counting something else...calories.  My muffin top has morphed into a full blown bundt cake.  Inner tube are cute on kids, not on Mommies.

I need a bathing suit that covers it all up...and stays UP while chasing kids around the pool or rescuing them from hermit crabs and toddler toppling waves.  By the way...I don't want to see anyone else's bundt cake or muffins either.

What do I want?  My Mema's cute beach ensemble from the 1950's.  Her ruffled top and modest shorts perfect for a walk on the beach.
My Grandmother

Modest yet sophisticated suits from an earlier era.  Accessorized with red lipstick and curves.

Unlikely I'll ever find the bathing suit that suits all of my needs.  So maybe I'll just slip some of this into the drinks and snow cones at the pool.  Everyone will be wearing skirted suits by the end of the summer!


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Ha! I feel the exact same way! I always rely on two things..... J.Crew one-pieces and ruching..... they have served me well for years. Now, if I only had that problem the last ad is solving. :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Ruching, yes! JCrew needs more cardboard in their suits. I've been wearing spanx bathing suit bottoms...I can't breath, but nothing moves

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