Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

The Cloister - Sea Island, Georgia...where my parents honeymooned and from which I recently returned.  A restful and indulgent week for this tired Mom.  The original buildings may be gone (see here) but this classic resort has preserved a bit of its history...the honeymoon registers.  Delighted to find my parents among the pages.

A place my parents often returned to celebrate their anniversary.  Why celebrate an anniversary early on Mother's Day?  Well...I was born about 9 months after one of those anniversary trips.  Mom, I've loved you (and Sea Island it seems) from the beginning.



Anonymous said...

Great picture of your parents, love it! And you and John look so relaxed and happy. Love your dress. Happy Mother's Day! SB

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Suzanne...Happy Mother's to you as well.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thank you for the wonderful post today.
Happy Mother's Day to you, also.
I love you!
Your Mom (GG)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

GG: you are very welcome, impressed you left a comment! It's showing up as me however haaaa. Will give you an internet/blog lesson for Mother's Day.

ps: you're also getting the stolen pen from our room at the Cloister ha


I love it! You are sooooooooo your dads twin!! Never thought so before I saw this pic!!! We need to double date to the cloister!!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

my Dad with red lipstick...I get that from Gladys ha

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

This girl who loves tradition is just melting at this post! You look like you just got out of college.... the Cloister definitely agrees with you! Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer C. Webb said...'s out of focus, my wrinkles are just blurry. Happy Mother's Day to you

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