Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wind that ruffles the curtains

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Like picking wildflowers, I've been harvesting images via Pinterest for my citrus palette inspiration board.  Hues of orange, lemon yellow, green and cream that I hoped to translate into window treatments.  The tiny swatches of yellow and orange slubby linen that had been sitting on our window seals for years have finally been tossed.  
As Martha Moore and team pulled into my drive...I could feel the wind that would ruffle my curtains!  My blank canvas of cream was about to be rendered with some color.   A couple of months prior I ventured to nearby historic Camden, South Carolina to visit her shop, d'Antignac Designs, to find a full-service designer workroom.  What I had been searching for...a one stop shop.  

533 Rutledge Street
Camden, South Carolina 

This project a perfect example of why to hire professionals...five similarly sized windows, all different measurements.  The quaintness and character of an old home is equaled matched by its irregularities and surprises.  Tediously measured by Martha, the panels fit perfectly.


Order through her shop, black iron return rods installed in the dining room.

Expert hands at work.  Each panel interlined and blackout lined...and functional to close.

Old rough plaster walls and odd measurements...each panel was carefully and strategically installed.

Martha dressing the panels, setting the pleats.


Installation in progress in the living room.


Through the foyer and into the living room.


My citrus palette, yellow, and green.  Well, and a touch of blue...just keep that popsicle away from the cuuuuuurtains!


MH said...

And she has some color.....It looks AWESOME!!!! Love it!! xo

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha MH...but cream is still my favorite, non color

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! SB

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Suz

Anonymous said...


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Jennifer, what a difference... they look amazing and are sure to bring a little "sunshine" into each day regardless of what Mother Nature is up to outside :)

Anonymous said...

I love your color additions. Draperies make all of the difference. Which room is next?
xo, lissy

deb* said...


Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks y'all. Lissy, hopefully some pillows and covering dining chairs. And hopefully soon


looks AMAZING!!!! love the citrus hues in your house-pefection!!!!!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Lucy....come see us soon. Need some design advice.

pve design said...

I'd just like to know if this was before or after Paris?
Looks fresh squeezed at your place.
Lovely~ The holidays will be so fun bringing in oranges, kumquats, lemons and well limes too.
How could I forget grapefruits!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

a few weeks before Paris. My goal before my 40th lose some weight and have curtains. Well, I have curtains!

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