Monday, April 8, 2013

Ooh lá lá

source unknown

Paris was a city-sized cabinet of curiosities...ooh lá lá.  This likely what I looked like...jaw dropped...when we stumbled upon the most unique bookstore in Saint Germain. 

Our stroll down Rue Jacob interrupted by a skeleton greeting guests at Librairie Alain Brieux which specializes in all things medical and scientific.  I swear, even the dust in Paris is chic.

Shelves, tables and niches filled with books, devices and charts.  Some ancient texts, inscribed on parchment...some even hand illustrated.  A medical illustrators heaven. 

A collection of maladies.

The only sickness I feel...not buying a book.  


Woodside Park said...

I do not know this one. Did you visit Maison Rustique also in Saint Germain? One of my all time favorite bookstores!! They sell mainly garden, design, art and cook books.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

shoot, that sounds lovely...wish I had known. Should have consulted you, the world traveler, before I left! Did visit the Le Prince Jardinier next to Delacroix de la Furstneberg however. Beautifully styled shop and tres friendly to us curious Americans. Sure you are familiar....the new owner of Deyrolle and maker of the chairs in Luxembourg gardens.

pve design said...

My sister-in-law's live in Paris, tell me which book and where? I will send one of them tout suite!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

tempting Patricia! I need an in-law in Paris...they would tire very quickly of my frequent visits

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Ooooo.... can't wait to hear more. I know that feeling of regret..... mine.... not buying that vintage barware that I spotted. oh well, an excuse to go back, no? sure you are full of inspiration.

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