Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the Garden - Monet

Despite a cold drizzly day, we ventured an hour outside Paris to Giverny to visit Claude Monet's garden.  We were picked up at our hotel, picking up a handful of fellow tourists along the way...all of us from the South.  It was country come to town week I suppose...then back to the country, the Normandy countryside.

The rose arbors supporting only bits of new growth but the grounds still full of the color and texture seen in Monet's paintings.

After touring his home and studio (no photos allowed) we headed down the central axis of the garden toward the water garden across the street.

A gentle stream ran towards the water lilly pond.

The pond absent of water lilies, but the garden was also absent of crowds...allowing us to stroll in peaceful solitude.

So scratch one from the bucket list...sort of.

Committed to return and stand in the footsteps of Monet...enveloped in wisteria.
Scanned from Monet, The Gardener
available for purchase here


Anonymous said...

So very beautiful! Have a wonderful time ... easy to do in France.
xo, lissy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Lissy, we had a wonderful time. Back to reality

Woodside Park said...

Lucky you!!! I've never seen Giverny this quiet and peaceful. Always so crowded. Looking good there ;)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Loi: the coldest April since 1880's we were told by our guide...but he also said the crowds can be thick during the warmer months. We promised each other to return again....must see the water lilies

Jessica Ryan said...

I'm here visiting at the suggestion of Patricia (pve) - I was at Giverny 15 years ago... a cool, rainy day in June. I think the overcast sky made everything that much more vibrant. The colors and fragrances were spectacular! It remains, and most likely will, one of my most favorite places. Ever! Did you go inside the house? Isn't his kitchen to die for?!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

The house was incredible...still thinking about that chaise in his studio...and the light, wow.

Could not get my husband out of the kitchen! He is still talking about the stove and pots. Boy was he disappointed when he shopped for similar copper pots at the flea market.....tres expensive ha.

Thanks for visiting...Patricia one of my favorite creative minds

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