Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Avez-vous une carte?

Eating my way through Paris
and collecting cards along the way. 

-click to enlarge- 

-thanks SB for your recommendations, merci-


Anonymous said...

So much fun1
xo, Lissy

pve design said...

Just too bad that you and Reggie Darling were not there at the same time.
I'm glad this was not another how do French women stay so thin post? I like a gal who enjoys and imbibes in gourmet cuisine. Do tell - was there wine?

Jennifer C. Webb said...

May have missed RD, however my dear friend and neighbor was there. Live 30 feet away and by chance their hotel a block away. Our trips overlapped for one night...and I think I had a week's worth of wine in that one evening with them.

I ate whatever I wanted....knowing we would walk it off...and we did. Cheese, bread and exploring

Anonymous said...

YUM...aways love your boards!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

oh..... Angelina's...... yum! Hope you enjoyed every gastro delight!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

and didn't regret a bite Crissy....even while on the treadmill last night. Worth it!

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