Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Beauty

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Narcissus, 2011
Botanical study crafted with crepe paper by artist Aimee Baldwin.  Founder of Vegan Taxidermy "cruelty-free homage to nature using non-animal based materials."

Upon my door, a few welcome the Spring Beauty Garden Club to our March meeting.

Despite the chill outside, it's springtime inside.

Daffodils tucked into a nest of ivy and autumn fern, accented with a few sprays of spirea.

Branches of forsythia and spirea from my co-host's yard.

Setting the table

Fronds of autumn fern staked into a compote of algerian ivy.

Flanked by two potted clumps of daffodils.

A chocolate bunny acting as butler that has been a source of curiosity for Mischief and Mayhem.  Fearing maiming of my bunny....I insisted it was just a plastic decoration.  
bunny via here

Chilled Pellegrino limonata dressed with stripey straws
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Hot fruit punch

Co-hostess prepping for our guests

After refreshments, we headed to the living room for our meeting.  Greeted by another chocolate bunny.

Blooms from our yard wrapped in a spiral of algerian ivy, floating in an apothecary jar.

A collage of plants in the fireplace.

An urn planted iris which along with the plants above will soon find new homes in our yard.

Our speaker, Brian Gandy, a kayaker inspired by the beauty of the Great Pee Dee River.  A major tributary that runs through this part of the State...meeting the Atlantic Ocean at Winyah Bay in Georgetown County.  He helped us understand why it is so special and why it should be preserved for future generations.

Preservation of my chocolate bunnies?  Not looking as promising. 

"Momma, that bunny is chocolate....I know because I licked it!"


pve design said...

Did you ever think of opening a b & b. I know some bunny who would book a room. What a stunning table and all your arrangements are so hoppy. sorry, could not resist that.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I always love your word play Patricia. I so wish my brain worked as quickly has yours! Hoppy hoppy hoppy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the fireplace plants off to find a new home in your yard. SB

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

You truly are a MASTER!!! I'm in awe.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Crissy, the daffodils kinda go with your recent yellow post

Woodside Park said...

I'm catching up from being out of the country. What a beautifully decorated home you have!! I just now noticed the handsome crown molding in the dining room. Looks like it was a successful event!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Loi. Window treatments being installed tomorrow! Finally, my windows won't be naked. It's only taken me a handful of years to get around to it ha

Hope you had a great trip, loved the photos on your blog

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I had almost forgotten that anyone decorated so sweet Maya's generation!!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Mama's generation...

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how long ago you bought those chocolate bunnies. I clicked on the link to Williams-Sonoma and couldn't find it. That is such a cute idea and I can't find it anywhere.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

unfortunately they do not sell those anymore. This is from a few years ago. Wish they did!

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