Sunday, March 31, 2013


via here
Pink Camellia
oil on panel

Angela Moulton
For more of her contemporary oil paintings,
see her website Pratt Creek Art

He has risen and so have we.  Risen from the depths of the flu and stomach bug. 

Our health as fragile as the pink camellias we contributed to the cross this Easter Sunday. 


So the trip that seemed doomed by sickness is back on.  At the end of a very dark week...we are headed to the City of Light.  Like a little girl, I'm ready to explore the streets of Paris! 

Betty In Paris from Olive Us on Vimeo.


kayce hughes said...

So glad that you all are feeling better! (love seeing those little bags)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Kayce....the Easter Bunny loves Pears & Bears


Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! Psyched y'all get to go. AP is my future partner in crime- LOVE her!! Let's go to Paris together next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

pve design said...

Hope you saw Reggie Darling's posts from his fab trip to Paris....
Bring me back a croissant, merci.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia: I stalked Reggie Darling's Facebook page the entire week leading up to our trip. Could not have been better timing!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I'm so far behind! So sorry you were sick but so thankful that you were able to get better and go on your trip!.... an Easter blessing for sure. The girls look as beautiful as the flowers.... love their Easter purses!

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