Monday, March 25, 2013

Protection from Mayhem

via here
Bubble Gum, 2007
Oil on canvas

By artist Margaret Morrison, assistant professor at the
Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia.
Represented by the Woodward Gallery, NYC

While out running errands with Mayhem, I allowed her to have some bubble gum...yes, a useful behavior modification pill.

My car now a mine field of chewed gum.

I need protection from Mayhem...

*thanks MK for sharing this video


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...oh no!!! Hopefully it stayed out of her hair!

Unknown said...

I had such a good laugh over that video. My kids are past that stage, but I remember it with distinct detail. Needless to say, I showed all three of my "mayhems" this video to emphasize how far we've come. There were not as amused as I:-)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha Alison, we all have little Mayhems don't we

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Oh my..... I agree, look at the bright side... at least she didn't get it stuck in her hair and have to have it cut out right before Easter. :)

MH said...

Sometimes I feel like Mayhem!! I cause a lot of Mayhem too! HAHA! Laughed out loud at this post!

Jennifer C. Webb said... do have M and H in your name Auntie Mayhem

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Crissy, we have had to cut a sucker out of her hair before....fingers crossed she doesn't come home with anything sticky from her preschool Easter party

pve design said...

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