Monday, March 11, 2013

Nonsense in the garden

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Spirit of the Night
by English painter John Atkinson Grimshaw

During a recent trip to Charleston with Mischief, we stopped by a favorite garden center...Hyam's.  While I shopped, Mischief enjoyed their newly installed fairy garden.  The photo below only a small portion of their fairy village.  A fun project to wake up the brain cells.
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We came home with plenty of stuff to hopefully attract a fairy to our garden.

Installed in a dark corner of our courtyard where not much grows.

Now a spot thriving with imagination and fantasy.  A scrolled bed set under a wire arbor surrounded by moss and fern.

Our fairy will sleep under a dainty chandelier...
...surrounded by decorative planters.
No fairies yet...but we have had an amphibious visitor.

A kiss before bed.

And in the corner of the fairy garden, a miniature bird bath.

Just like Momma.  This is where my imagination grows. 


pve design said...

Seriously. I want to illustrate your life and passion for infusing a bit of nonsense and make believe. I love how you share your creativity with your girls.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait til my girls are home from school so I can show them what you have done! Precious and so inspiring. SB

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Suz, will the girls notice their hand-me-down on Mayhem?! She loves it.

Want to hear about your Paris trip

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia: only moments here and there posted to the should see the rest of our lives. Not always so pretty

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Absolutely darling..... a little bit of magic goes a long way.

kayce hughes said...

So wonderful!

Anonymous said...

So very cute and creative. You have some very lucky little girls!
xo, Lissy

Anonymous said...

So magical...fortunate fairies!

Woodside Park said...

So charming!! And a lovely way to teach children about gardening. M&M look adorable, as always :)

Unknown said...

I am new to your blog...introduced by House of Marlowe. I have enjoyed getting acquainted! The Fairy Garden has intrigued me for some time, confirmed and inspired again on a garden tour last year. It must be a project for myself and my 7 year old this summer! Thanks for even more inspiration.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Alison, I love Crissy's vicariously through her European adventures.

A few weeks in and the girls are remarkably still interested in the fairy garden....has been so much fun

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