Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Infamy

The Valentine that will live in infamy.  Posted this time last this year as a reminder to all.  So maybe you'll receive roses from Wal-Mart this year...just be thankful, it could be much worse.

The card I received years ago from my then Valentine

"I'm just bording the airplane at JFK-
Happy V-day.  We'll celebrate when I get back."


1.  You live in NYC and send your southern (Virginia at the time) girlfriend a NASCAR themed redneck card...we're sensitive about that stuff down here

2.  You send a birthday card which you change to Valentine's Day

3.  You send it from the JFK airport (on the way to Thailand and Nepal in this case) because you were too lazy to plan ahead...yet have the organizational skills to find your way to Kat Man Du

4.  You are ivy-leaque educated (Columbia) but mis-spell boarding (see "bording.")  Proof you may be educated beyond your intelligence

Hope your Valentine's Day involves red roses...rather than red necks



id have thought that was from "FULL TILT"...haha

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Full Tilt never sent me a Valentine at all!

Anonymous said...

So glad you dumped the jerk! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day.
xo, Lissy

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

oh my.... we have to experience one of these to realize when we've found the right one.....
no southern charm with that one!

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