Monday, January 21, 2013

I've been hacked

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Discovering iPad
by French comics artist

I've been a 4 year old.  Once again, Mischief is living up to her name.  She and I had a double date for dinner Friday night...her friend Jay and his Mother.  Trying to keep the peace, I allowed her to play with my iPhone...a first.  

She discovered the didn't take long for her to figure it out.  Some of her work below

Her dinner date...not too keen on having his picture taken.

So, she moved on...snapping a family seated nearby.

Wait, more pictures?

And this beauty...
Which I didn't realize had been taken until I received a Facebook alert the following morning that someone had "liked" a picture of me loaded to my page.  What...what picture?! 

It was then that I realized I had been hacked.  Rushing to check my iPad and iPhone, discovering that she had continued to snap pictures that morning.

Some of which were posted to my Instagram account!

Like this one....which had already received comments and "likes" by the time I found it.  Ahhhhhh!


All now deleted from Facebook and Instagram, whew.  Thinking her world wide web adventure was over, I relaxed.

Only to find later than evening, she had been on my iPad.  ALL applications open...she had checked stocks, the weather and this. She had googled her dinner date from the night before.   Isn't 4 a little too young to be googling boys in your class?


Anonymous said...

Is your iphone camera connected to FB and did that happen?
Love the photo of you with a mouthful of food, and of course the underwear. BUT, the best has to be the screen cap of the google search. Is that for real? Please tell Mischief if she is going to cyber-stalk, to google BEFORE the date. Just some helpful advice from Auntie M.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I didn't think my accounts were linked...I have no idea how she did that. Only the heinous one of me was posted to FB. The pull-up on instagram was horrific.

John and I nearly hit the floor laughing when we saw the ipad. She was trying to e-mail him...hey, at least she is learning to spell ha

I also got an e-mail from an app I use saying "thank you for your feedback blah, blah". I didn't sent them any feedback...Mischief hmmmm

Woodside Park said...

I'm looking forward to receiving comments from Mischief!!! :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

haaaa Loi...she be pinning candy and baby dolls before long too

Bethany said...

This hack gave me a good laugh. I was on to what was happening. And the pull up, well that topped it off. Thanks for the laugh Mischief!

deb* said...

I figured out what was happening and then the undies showed up---too funny!

Ricki Treleaven said...

This is hysterical....I have tears rolling down my cheeks...what a great way to start my Monday...reading this post!!!

It's truly scary how competent these babies are with technology, eh?


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! She is a computer genius–maybe she will be a photographer and this is her first One-Girl-Show.

xo, Lissy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

We had a talk with Mischief about the phone and iPad....explaining what she was allowed to do. She pleaded...but I want to "do it like an adult." Too bad

So, she's been texting her friend Jay from her Barbie computer instead. Imaginary play is much more fun anyway

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Deb and Bethany: I was worried you thought I had lost my mind!

pve design said...

I think your little one has a future in IT!

pve design said...

Finally, sent off a wee package to you~
be on the look-out! Good old fashioned mail.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Absolutely hysterical as usual. That girl is going places..... :) Still laughing..... You might be hearing about this for months to come...


oh i LOVE her!!! she is JUST like her momma!!!!!!

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