Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Flowers - in excess

via here
by Southern artist Nall

We have a wealth of camellia blooms this year.
An excess of blooms I used to fill every corner of the house.  

view from the dining room into the courtyard

view from the kitchen into the courtyard...framing a fast fading white camellia

In excess...or even just a single bloom brighten the short winter days. 




okay, you have inspired me to cut my blooms! instant decorating gratification!!!

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful. I have and abundance this year too. The magnolia still looks great!
xo, Lissy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Lissy: our blooms were a little early this year, were yours? Expecting ice tonight....thankful I brought some inside before they freeze

I Dream Of said...

Oh, Jennifer! Those are the prettiest things I've seen today. How gorgeous. You can never have too much excess when it comes to camellias, I think. Yours are just gorgeous. Our season is a bit behind yours, but by next month ours should be in full bloom. I crossing my fingers that I will be home to see them. Thanks for sharing these beauties! Happy Weekend! XO

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hey

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Simply stunning..... my favorite is the kitchen windowsill..... Not seeing any of those here in Geneva. Instead, I JUST found paperwhite (although they are yellow) bulbs available this week. Surprisingly too, the violas around town that were planted in October are still thriving in the snow and freezing temps! On a sad note; I let me kumquat tree die somehow.... it didn't like being indoors. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Crissy: yellow paperwhites, I must see! That sounds beautiful...and blooms in the snow, how nice.

Mourning your kumquat tree...good excuse to bring some other beautiful tree home

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