Sunday, January 20, 2013

Always check the caller ID

Ring Ring

ME:  Hello?
CLIENT:  Oh,'re working this weekend

TO MYSELF:  *%$! (insert expletive here) well, I am now
ME:  Sure, how can I help you? (strained politeness)

Still working...

Sorry to vent...this client, weighing heavy on my mind.  Hey, I have to work some's the nature of the beast.  I don't mind....I do mind, however, the presumption I'll be available without notice.

All images by Travis Louie.  Known for his human oddities and mythical beings...and fairly good representations of my current state of emotions.

Next Saturday...I'll be checking the caller ID


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

You poor thing! So sorry! This would make me crazy too..... here's hoping you get a BIG paycheck. :)

Anonymous said...

Always, always check the ID. We get this crazy stuff too. I thing people forget you have a family, or a life.
xo, Lissy

Woodside Park said...

What??? That's pretty inconsiderate :( Yes, always check caller ID!!!!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I expect to work weekends....but coming off a working weekend last week as well. This one surprised me. The consequences...I've had waaaay too much mountain dew, two doughnuts and a piece of cold pizza. Ugh

pve design said...

Darlin you need to take a weekday off!

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