Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Upcycling-names and lace

Detail of The Lacemaker
oil on canvas
Johannes Vermeer

I once heard someone say

Case in point:
Mischief's middle name - my husband's Grandmother's maiden name
And Mayhem - her middle name, my Mother's maiden name

I not only upcycled my Mother's name but also her wedding lace
Sorry GG, I was unable to photoshop out the bridesmaid
sneaking a cigarette in the background
Upcycled into the bodice and bonnet of our girls' Christening ensemble

The remaining lace, along with a remnant left over from the pillow seen below, utilized for making Mischief and Mayhem's stockings this year.

With the help of a stylish friend, who has an eye for repurposing antique textiles, we laid out the design

Without personalization....but made with a loop along the side for attaching a ribbon which I planned to have monogrammed.  Detachable...allowing me the freedom of changing the ribbon throughout the years.  And allowing the girls to pass them down (if they survive) to their families.

I labored over many ribbon from M&J Trim,
Dupioni Silk from Midori

Settling on the 2" french vanilla dupioni, I attempted to have them monogrammed.  Unsuccessful, I have until next Christmas to find another solution.  Different fabric, hand embroidered...ideas?  

Hung by the chimney with nails.  Wrought iron mantle hook from here

Bow detail

Do hope the girls are good this year...coal will ruin the stockings!

Thank you GG...for sharing your name and your lace


pve design said...

Oh my word, my wedding dress was used for my twins christening gown and my Grandmother said that my dress could have used some lace.
I wonder what my 19 year old twins would think of stockings.....wonder if they would even make the connection.

pve design said...

(gowns) plural.

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Just beautiful, Jennifer. My grandmother, who was a true matriarch and loved family history, probably chose 75% of her grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's names and they were all family names.
All best,

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha, that is so neat Patricia. Maybe GG will allow more products created for her gown?!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Phylllis, my Grandfather did the same....named my Mother Gladys after his sister. A name no one has chosen to carry on ha

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Ha! Yes, definitely no coal!!! This is such a wonderful idea that will become a special heirloom for generations. Love the naming tradition as well!

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