Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Ribbons

via here
The Red Bow
oil on canvas
by Jamaican artist

The December meeting of the Spring Beauty Garden Club was held at a member's home, decked out with red ribbons...making spirits happy.

Following fellowship and refreshments we learned how to make our own red ribbons.  Bows we tied to baskets of fruit assembled and delivered to local shut-ins...our annual holiday community service project. 

Merry Christmas from the Spring Beauties


Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

There is nothing quite like Southern elegance. What a lovely house and party. Perfect in every way.
All best,

kayce hughes said...

I am in love with that painting!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

me too Kayce...isn't she beautiful

pve design said...

Can you tell me what Green ribbons mean? I do love those classic red ribbons....but I just finished tying lots of green ribbons....I will show....them.
That painting....love love love.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia....do green ribbons have meaning, if so please share. Bet your ribbons are perfect...look forward to seeing them!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, but not a sassafras ribbon....


Jennifer C. Webb said...

Hydrangea, no one will ever be able to replicate the pink and green Sassafras ribbons. Many have tried....

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