Monday, December 10, 2012

Mother Nature gets ready for the holidays

via here
French artist Claire Basler
painting in her studio

Mother Nature, like creativity, sometimes needs some encouragement.  Encouraging my Christmas cactus to flower, I placed it in front of a sunny window.  Beginning to bloom just in time for the holidays. 

A small bundle of mistletoe dropped onto the drive this week...a little gift from Mother Nature.  Before it could be run car or Big Wheel...I scooped it up and brought it inside.

Suitably tucked into a frame, dangling over the words of a love poem

Wishing you many kisses under the mistletoe


Ricki Treleaven said...

Your Christmas cactus is such a pretty color! I love them.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Ricki, I hope Santa likes hot pink

pve design said...

I would be tickled christmas cactus pink if some mistletoe would drop onto my drive-way.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

always out of reach, high in the trees....a great surprise to have some fall down below. Thinking you don't need any, Patricia, to encourage kisses ha

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