Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

Gift ideas for your Mr. Wonderful

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My Mr. Wonderful enjoys a practical gift...with a reasonable price.  Some ideas that won't break the Building & Loan

1.  Bow tie to hug his neck- Forage Haberdashery

2.  So he can still look like a man while keeping you dry - Filson from Steven Alan

3.  Smore maker for nights by the fire- Plow & Hearth

4.  Made in the USA leather koozie - Wheelman and Co.

5.  Artful State pride - Old Try

6.  Reminding him of boyhood days spent arrowhead hunting - Arrowhead buckle from Sid Mashburn

7.  Enlighten him with a tactical flashlight - my Mr. Wonderful takes his everywhere

8.  Plan a date with The South Illustrated letterpress calendar - Sideshow Press for Garden & Gun

9.  Custom leather luggage tag - Owen & Fred

10.  Light his fire Matchsafe - Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum shop

11.  Personalized tumbler - Tervis

12.  Help him save the kids from Nature Deficit Disorder - Amazon

13.  For his best friend, a stylish leash - Found My Animal from Steven Alan

14.  Leather bound note taking - Graphic Image, can be personalized through Dulles Designs of Charleston, SC

15.  A boot that works as hard as he does - The original Muck Boot Company.  We both own a we can work together

It's a Wonderful Life
airing Christmas Eve at 8:00 pm
on NBC


Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Thank you for these brilliant ideas, Jennifer. I have a Mr. Wonderful who would be thrilled by any one of these.
Have a lovely weekend!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Phyllis, my Mr. Wonderful critiqued my choices and approved thankfully. He may be getting a few of the items ha

I Dream Of said...

It really is a wonderful life, isn't it. Great gift ideas here, Jennifer. We know my Mr. Wonderful is getting a Marklin train, and sadly I think he does, too - he saw a pop up order confirmation that I didn't know was on my laptop! Boo! Trying to throw him off now...
Happy Shopping! XO

Anonymous said...

Love the umbrella and leather notebook...hmm, give and borrow? Ha!
Author of LCitW spoke at T's school. He asked the question, "Who, growing up, had the rule 'Come home when the street lights come on?'" Almost the entire room raised their hands. Sadly, not an option many places anymore.
Oh, and T still LOVES the tactical light Mr. Webb gave him. Uses indoors mostly (Nature Deficit?) and when M takes him camping.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Dang Jeanne...tell him it was just spam ha. Good luck

Jennifer C. Webb said...

MK: that is lucky to hear him speak. We're taking the girls to the farm tomorrow for a little outdoor time. However, they want to drive the tractor...not what I had in mind

I gave John that notebook and had the name of the farm engraved on the cover. He loved it and it has aged very well. Very pleased

John has another flashlight for T haaa

pve design said...

Where's the Bourbon? There are lots of manly type wooden crates that make wonderful storage for art brushes after.
Love your wonderful selection.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha Patricia, the Bourbon is a staple

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