Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift ideas for your little artist


1.  Interactive coloring and activity book

2.  Art supply bag

3.  Crayon apron

4.  Square blackboard chalk

5.  Personalized pencils

6.  Bike chalk trail kit

7.  Make your own family

8.  Sculptural crayons

9.  Make art mistakes

10.  Tabletop easel

11.  Monogrammed art smock

12.  Veggie finger's okay, eat it

13.  Child's ghost chair

14.  Craft table
Santa bringing this to Mischief and Mayhem...don't tell


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Oh.... so much to love here!!!! The table is fantastic!.... finally, good design for kids! I thought it was Bungalow 5 at first. The addition of crayon marks, permanent marker, glue and paint splashes should only add to the lovely patina. :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

hoping after they have outgrown it to paint it, add glass to top and use as coffee table in our family room. Santa is kinda frugal

Anonymous said...

Really like the table...great idea to repurpose for coffee table. I would have LOVED this loot as a child. Great job Mrs. Claus!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

hope they don't mind the shared gift. Jingles, the elf, will be writing them a note explaining Santa made it for both of them

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