Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decking the halls with branches

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Eucalyptus Study
oil on canvas
by painter Gaye Adams

The eucalyptus tree below, no less grand than that in any painting.  The homeowners kindly allowed me to harvest some of its leaves for use in our holiday decorations.  

Generously sending me home with boughs of branches.  This family definitely on our cookie list this year!

The scented eucalyptus mixed with a little smilax from our own yard...

...and wired to a ready-made fraser fir garland.

Ready to be hung...

...and draped around our door.

The smell of the eucalyptus and fraser fir so pleasant, I brought some inside...decking the entrance hall.

Treats for little guests who may stop by hung upon the stair.

And hung upon its branches,  two little angels.


pve design said...

Is there an app for smell? Oh how I want that app to smell the eucalyptus and fir! Oh how lovely it must smell.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

indeed Patricia, Apple needs to get on that. My hands were so sticky with sap after making the garland...but at least they smelled incredible.

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

It's beautiful, Jennifer. Nicely done. I, too, love the smell of eucalyptus - it must be nice as you enter the house.
All best,

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Phyllis...this is my first experience using eucalyptus. Have enjoyed it so much, considering planting my own tree.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks beautiful! I love the smell of eucalyptus.
xo, Lissy

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Gorgeous! Aside from tartan, fresh greens and flowers are my favorite accessory this season.... be sure and check out my post tomorrow..... it's got your green thumb written all over it! :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

can't wait Crissy! What are folks using over there....what is the holiday style like?

I Dream Of said...

Hi Jennifer, I'm with Patricia, I wish I could somehow smell the scent of your greens through my laptop. I can certainly imagine them. Your house looks so pretty. I hope you are enjoying every moment! XOXO

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