Monday, November 12, 2012

Spring Beauties-Autumn Flowers

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Portraits of dried leaves by

I'm constantly scanning the treeline, ditches and vacant lots around town.  Always scanning the landscape for interesting branches, vines and berries.  This time of year especially fruitful...leaves of every color, the flowers of autumn.

An arrangement welcoming members to the November meeting of the Spring Beauty Garden Club.

Greenery filled vase with morning glory, hydrangea and papyrus sedge from our one of hostesses' garden.

Held at Kalmia Gardens, allowing room for our speaker, Finley James, of nearby Darlington to demonstrate autumn inspired arrangements.  Self taught...credentials earned through experience as a hostess and creating arrangements for her local country club.

Mrs. James brought traditional roses to be mixed with vines, blooms, berries and branches from her yard and family homeplace.



A variety of containers

Elegant in its simplicity...a fatsia leaf floating in a shallow dish.  Accompanied by holly and orchid blooms

A horizontally oriented arrangement...perfect for the table or mantle

Porcelain birds on risers of florist oasis, in a nest of blooms and greenery.

Fruit and citrus mixed with hydrangea and pittosporum

dried hydrangea

A great lesson in using what you already have...collectibles, fall foliage, and your own creativity.  Need inspiration?  To paraphrase Mrs. James...let Mother Nature guide you, her creations are always beautiful.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a talented lady!

Woodside Park said...

What a beautiful event. I love the "tree trunk piece" used as a plateau / riser in the second photo. Very cool.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Loi, I've already asked my husband to make one for me...just pray I don't get it for Christmas

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

I love going to demonstrations like this. One always learns something. And her finished arrangement is stunning.
All best,


thank god for garden clubs!! looks like fun-send her up here!!

Gail, in northern California said...

Lovely apprenticeship program the ladies offer to the younger members. So nice when people share their knowledge with others.

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