Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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Orange Study
mixed media 2010

Orange and white...with a touch of black.  A color combo I favor.  So when I read the following blog post, I impulsively bought the orange dish pictured below.  Without explanation, I was drawn to it...the pumpkin orange against the white china, with gold and black detailing.  

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After my rush to purchase, I went back to actually read the description.  Turns out, it was made by H & K English manufacturer producing pottery from 1870-1956.  Tunstall is a family name on my husband's side...and the middle name of Mischief.  Serendipity!

Based on the mark, my dish likely produced between 1933-1942.

So, I did a little stalking and found the dish below on ebay.  My first ebay purchase...a great deal.  But a great deal of shipping cost from Australia. 

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It arrived today...packed securely in newspaper.  

The Australian paper as fascinating as the safe arrival of my little treasure.

From Queensland to South Carolina.  Fingers crossed my little Tunstall doesn't break my piece of Tunstall pottery.

Do you stalk ebay?


Gail, in northern California said...

Oh my gosh, Jennifer. Serendipity, indeed. You must have been clicking your heels with BOTH purchases!

I enjoy both Etsy and Ebay and have met the nicest people. I have a small Royal Doulton "Brambly Hedge" collection. They're china but I'm not above buying the same darling little figurines in resin. Aside from those, I found "Brambly Hedge" fabric and a cross stitch kit featuring Poppy Brighteyes. I was ecstatic. (We have a new addition to the family, scheduled due date is February.)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

just looked up Poppy Brighteyes, adorable ha. How many do you have Gail? Do they come out every year in Feb.?

Treasure hunting made so easy with the internet....I love technology

Gail, in northern California said...

Forgive me, Jennifer, her name is Poppy Eyebright.

I have a friend who is a real Anglophile and when I showed her my little Poppy figurine, this is what she wrote:
"Guess I had a very different childhood. Never heard of these creatures until Gail showed us the figurines, never heard of the author either?? But I am up for a picnic anywhere anytime especially in a brambly hedge!!

The figure of Mrs. Eyebright gave me a chuckle though. In medieval English times there was an herb ( don't know which one) called eyebright. It was used as a tincture for eyewash. Here is a photo of it, called Euphrasi. Cute little plant."

Royal Doulton discontinued the Brambly Hedge line so if you're browsing a yard sale or flea market, Jennifer, snap them up. As they become more rare, the price increases and most are outpacing my budget on Etsy and Ebay. Once in a while I find a bargain but not often. Jill Barklem was their creator. I have 12 of the china figurines (all no more than 4 inches tall), two resin, two very tiny ones I'm sure are made of lead, and a thimble. Another favorite Brambly Hedge character is Lady Woodmouse. And, last September I gave my great niece the complete collection of Brambly Hedge books available through Amazon. Here's a link to learn more about the little characters.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Yes, serendipitous for sure!.... and pieces that suit your home perfectly! Haven't been on ebay for a while and now I wouldn't be able to afford the VAT tax to get anything shipped here.... probably providential in this case! :)

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Gail, I will keep my eyes bright and if I ever see one I'll snap it up for you! Love the history of the herb....I'm going to look into the books, perhaps something my girls will enjoy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Crissy, my husband still mad (really mad) that we forgot to apply for the VAT waver during last trip to France. He's still not over it

pve design said...

There are slender stalks and stems that I stalk. Not too much stalking on e-bay but now that I see that you leave no Tunstall overturned, gives me reason to think that I should add stalking to my day.
I should share a dish that has me stalking for more.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha Patricia....stalking made easy with the internet. Hope to see more of your stalks and stems

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