Monday, November 5, 2012


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La Nonette
(Oil on panel)

by French painter Marina Dieul
for more of her work

•Prattling (as quoted above):  to talk at length foolishly

As we prepare to elect our 45th President I will be grateful for the cessation of the constant "prattling" of the political pundits.  Regardless of the outcome, life will go on.  Mothers will remain commander and chief of their domestic scene, the birds will sing and our children what they do. 

Outside...a hawk sitting in our dogwood tree this morning. 

And inside...bird slippered feet
Mayhem, pant-less with paint smeared legs



Gail, in northern California said...

Regrettably, I kid you not, the television pundits are discussing the 2016 election. Their livelihoods depend on perpetuation of a constant election season.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ugh, haaaaa....2016 already. They cover our elections as if they are calling the plays of a game. Our news has become a spectator sport sadly

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