Thursday, November 1, 2012

Haunting a House

via here
The Daughters of Ramon S
by Swedish painter Anders Zorn

Mischief and Mayhem, along with their friends Emma and Jane, kicked off trick-or-treating by haunting a beautiful home.  Home to an architect and his wife...a renaissance man and his hostess extraordinaire. Like in the painting above, rooms sunlit in tones of red and gold...the blur of children playing.

The foyer set for welcoming guests.

There were treats for little girls...

...and big girls

A still moment with our hostess, Mrs. Jeanne.

Energized with candy, the haunting began.
Bad dog

Blurry flashes of color, apparitions caught on camera.  A bumble-bee buzzes the central parlor...
...a ladybug flies through the sunroom.
While Mischief and Mayhem explore and plunder.

Mischief looking a little like Estella here...wandering about the house.
Our hostess is no Miss Havisham.  Mrs. Jeanne's expectations only that everyone have a great time.

Thank you Mrs. Jeanne
One last buzz of the yard
We'll be back next year


Anonymous said...

Oh, what beautiful girls and such a beautiful house. Looks like the baby doll had a little too much fun :-) until next time.....

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Hydrangea, I think doll baby deserves a cocktail or two...with skin like that an all

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Thank you for sharing these photos - the girls are absolutely adorable, what a fabulous house and hostess, and the dog is perfection. I just loved this post.
All best,

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I could not stop laughing at bad dog...he is our hosts "grand dog." Mrs. Jeanne so sweet to dress him

I Dream Of said...

What a gorgeous home to haunt, and such adorable little trick or treaters! The "bad dog" is priceless. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hope your weekend is just as fun! XO

Anonymous said...

The picture of Mischief touching the edges of the wooden box is as beautiful as the Zorn painting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home and hostess. What a great way to start the evening! Your photography is getting really the "apparition" photos.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks. Not really getting better...I just carpet bomb my subjects with my camera and hope 1 out of 100 shots is good. Law of averages working in my favor lately

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Storybook......all of it.

Michelle said...

So cute!! Plus I loved being inside that house vicariously for a while. She does yellow walls right.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

indeed Michelle......the yellow if Venetian plaster, great detail

pve design said...

I do declare that I had to take a much closer look and see if the images you posted were for real. It looks like it could be some sort of magical fairy tale. All good things I love, architecture, children running around, bad dogs, grande dames and warm interiors - oh and victuals and drink.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

okay...had to look up "victuals." My new favorite word, thanks Patricia. Going to bug my husband fitting it into sentences this week

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