Sunday, November 18, 2012

Children of the Corn

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Still life-ear of corn
oil on panel

Hendersonville, TN

My friend, and fellow busy working Mom, reminded me last week that we volunteered to host the 4K Thanksgiving party.  Panic!  My face not dissimilar from that of Linda Hamilton in Children of the Corn

Brainstorming, ideas burning up our e-mail accounts, we decide to host a corn themed party.  An opportunity to educate our children.  From the Native Americans who introduced this crop to the the farmers who tend present day crops.

Preparation of corn themed party favors.

Corn pops and marshmallows.  An aggregate of high fructose corn syrup products...we'll ignore that part of the corn story.

Filling cone-shaped bags with this sugary mix

Wrapped in husks of tissue and tied with raffia

Mischief helping pack the ears of corn for her classmates.

Our harvest


pve design said...

It sounds corny but if I were a crow, I'd be all over your scare-crow....what a bushel and a peck.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha, thanks Patricia. Hope the 4 year olds like them too. Remind me to never host a preschool party two days before I have to host a real meal for adults. They may get a can of corn

pve design said...

Just remember to shake those tail feathers whilst opening up that corn of can.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

...... move over Martha..... JC's in town! :) Darling! I want one!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Your school must not have the "No Sugar Policy" our school adopted this year. You can dress them up, but popcorn and organic fruit strips (served at T's Halloween party) didn't generate much excitement. I bet your corn pop corn ears will! By the way, love how Kellogg's has removed "Sugar" from the name "Sugar Corn Pops" of our youth, and now boasts it as a great source of fiber...voila, health food!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

I wish they would institute a no sugar policy...feel like they get candy for everything. I got candy on Halloween and Easter...that was about it.

We considered having corn muffins instead of cupcakes but decided we would live in preschool would never forget us as the uncool moms ha

Sugar on the box was once a marketing something to hide ha. So true

Anonymous said...

No, corn muffins probably wouldn't be well received...good call! hahaha

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

So funny and I think you are brilliant! Cute munchkin, too.
Have a wonderful week!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks Phyllis...hope my "brilliant" idea doesn't go stale before the 4 year olds shuck them.

Hope you have a great holiday

kayce hughes said...

Only you could make Sugar Pops look so good!

Gil, in northern California said...

Sugary treats aside, I think your idea is absolutely brilliant. Cereal and marshmallows simulating corn, the clear cylindrical cellophane, green tissue paper for leaves, raffia corn silk...all of it is just very, very clever and corn played such an intricate part of the pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving story. You amaze me.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks Gail....I'm thinking the 4 year olds will be a hard sell though. There will be a riot if there aren't any cupcakes

I Dream Of said...

Jennifer, what a brilliant creative idea. And I would love to be munching on a bowl of corn pops with marshmallows right now (I'm still a kid at heart!) I think they would pair beautifully with my morning espresso. I'm so impressed with your creativity and think the kids will absolutely love it! XO

Woodside Park said...

Love, love this! Very pretty. You are so fortunate to have such helpful assistants.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Jeanne: corn pops and caffeine...the American way ha

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Loi: my assistants more than helpful munching on the left overs. Their first taste of "kid cereal"

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