Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skip down the street

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The Garden Gate - 14 Legare Street
Charleston, South Carolina

Etching on paper
Alfred Hutty

For more of his work see

A skip down my favorite street in the country, Legare Street.  Pronounced  "Le-GREE", it is located on the lower peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina.  Stretching from Broad Street to South Battery...I took a leisurely stroll down my favorite section, south of Tradd Street, over the weekend.  A canopy of palmetto and live oaks, shade historic homes and serene gardens.

View from corner of Legare and Tradd

The Sword Gate house

Appropriately named for the iron gates at its Legare entrance.

An important property, now for sale here

Skipping along...

A stone facade adorned with ironwork and creeping fig.

The Simmons-Edwards house...more commonly known as the Pineapple Gates House

Its name referring to the gate's finials, resembling Italian pinecones...called pineapples by locals

The fence posts featured in Alfred Hutty's etching.  Defining the crushed oyster shell drive and accompanying garden to the right.  

Across the street, the double piazza of the William Gatewood house.

Continuing down the street

View of Legare, looking back toward Tradd Street.  Until my next visit.

A friend suggested perhaps we could, along with our two other girlfriends, go into together on one of these grand mansions for our retirement.  Living together, "we could share expenses on caregivers" and such.  Brilliant....four little old ladies, one big house.  

If it doesn't work out girls...please just scatter my ashes in front of the William Gatewood house.  More on that in my next post.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I certainly see why it's a favorite for "skipping"..... that creeping fig and those gardens...... yes, please!!!! I think your girlfriends know what they are talking about.... can I pitch in?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! SB

Anonymous said...

I need to spend some time with these photographs! Working on the retirement home logistics,

I Dream Of said...

Thanks for the skip down this delightful street, Jennifer. The ironwork is just incredible. Nothing like that here in my neck of the woods. Your idea for a grand mansion retirement sounds perfect - like a chicer version of The Golden Girls! XO

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Brilliant! We can finance our retirement mansion with a reality show...the Southern Golden Girls. Move over Honey Boo Boo

Otherwise, my share would only allow me to live in the basement. Crissy, you can live upstairs ha

Woodside Park said...

Can I come visit you old ladies in your mansion? I'll bring you cakes and biscuits, and we can have tea. Beautiful, Jennifer. Adding to Pinterest now.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Loi.....bring cake and margaritas

Robin said...

So beautiful Jennifer!!! Thanks for this gorgeous tour. Great retirement plan! :)

Gail, in northern California said...

What a lovely stroll you shared with us. thank you.

deb* said...

love these photos!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

thanks ladies

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