Sunday, October 21, 2012

In the Ville-RoosterFest

Welcome to Rooster Fest

A block party celebrating the Midnight Rooster- 10 years of good food, gourmet coffee and patronage of the arts.

The heart and art of Hartsville!

Getting started

Multi-artist collaboration.  My preliminary sketch.

A portion of the team at work.  Feeling a little like I did back in college...the nerd in the art department.  We scientific illustration students sticking out a bit amid the more creative, free-spirited fine art majors.

Highlight of evening, watching these artists at work

Nearing completion of my contribution

Our finished work of art...paint, collage and mixed media

Nightfall...time for some fun

King and Queen of the evening...The Smiths, proprietors of the Midnight Rooster. 

Auction time

Proceeds from the auction benefited our local arts council and the Boys and Girls Club of Hartsville

More information about the Midnight Rooster, direct from Jessie


Gail, in northern California said...

Thanks for bringing back pictures to share. It looks as though everyone enjoyed the evening. It was kind of the Smiths to share their coffeeshop's anniversary with the community.

Any idea how much was raised for the arts council and boys and girls clubs? Did they offer other items for the auction?

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

What a great community event. It looks like a lot of fun, and how interesting to see the artists at work - and what a fascinating result.
All best,

kayce hughes said...

Well done!
Looks like a very fun event.

Anonymous said...

What a great collaboration...amazing to see the different styles come together in a cohesive piece. Would love to see the work in situ! And your hair looked beautiful :)

Woodside Park said...

Awesome, Jennifer! Looks like an eclectic gathering of artists, musicians, foodies and rather cool people :) --Loi

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thanks y'all. A great example of what makes my small-town atypical. Our community much greater than our population suggests.

Our painting was auctioned for $650...a great night

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Thank MK: I topsy tailed my hair ha

kpferde said...

tanx for taking the pix of the collaborate work. I saw zero online anywhere else. I was curious how it ended up.


Jennifer C. Webb said...

KM: wish I could have afforded it myself

pve design said...

Things like this do have a way of making my heart beat a bit faster and my fear factor getting a good work-out.
You rocked it woman.

pve design said...

...makes me want to move there.
i just love spots that are the heart of meeting spots.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha fear-factor got a great work-out indeed.

If I ever move away, the Midnight Rooster will have to ship me their hummus and pimento cheese. Oh, and they even give their coffee grounds away to local gardeners....great fertilizer. Truly a community hub

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