Friday, September 21, 2012

In the Garden-smell of fall

Study by David Kassan
more of his work here

The smell of tea olive is in the air...announcing the arrival of fall.  Its scent bringing to mind marshmallow roasts, football games, cozy sweaters and crisp cool days.  Their fragrance me fall fever
two of the ten shrubs I planted last spring

Such small blooms...not in proportion to their large bouquet

Just a few sprigs upon the mantle permeate our living room with their ambrosial perfume

For more information about tea olives see


Anonymous said...

Love your description of the smell of autumn approaching. My tea olive is in full bloom too...going to cut a sprig for indoors now!

Anonymous said...

Ours have another couple of weeks til blooming. I have never brought mine inside, can not wait! SB


the david kasson dwaring is stunning! makes me want to draw again....almost! so inspiring-good post!

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