Monday, September 17, 2012

In the Garden-the fruit of my labor

via here
Silver Charentais Melon
by painter Kamille Corry

for more of her work

The fruit of my labor...literally, the fruit of my labor.  A cantaloupe.  Sure I grew a handful...but all were overcome with insects, worms and/or fungus by the time of maturity.  So my first attempt at organic gardening was a for the tomatoes and a few weird looking peppers

Mischief found use for the cantaloupe.  Golf anyone?


This year's failure hopefully just practice for next year's success


I Dream Of said...

What a terrific philosophy. I'm going to be writing that quote down and making it one to live by. Can't wait to see how your garden grows next summer! XO

Anonymous said...

Love Mischief!!! Did you try to cut into the melon? The first season we tried to grow pears organically, insects were everywhere. I lamented to a friend who was trying to grow organic tomatoes and suffering the same fate. His father's advice to him? "You need you want tomatoes or do you NO tomatoes?" Perhaps a lesson on why we pay so much for organic produce...half the crop is lost to bugs :) Still have not sprayed "chemicals" (did use organic pest spray one season) and had nice fruit the last two years. Sadly, the pear tree did not bloom this year (I've been told it's due to the strange winter we had), and thus no pears this fall. Maybe next year for us too!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Dr. Earth organic pesticides were recommended to me to late in the season to save my squash which was literally devoured by squash borers. Will try again next year.

Guess what else likes cantaloupes? Chocolate labs! Darn dog

Jennifer C. Webb said...

MK: girls picked that cantaloupe from the trash pile...and yes, we cut it open. Big ole worm....Mayhem was intrigued, Mischief ran

No pears....hmmm. Fingers crossed for next year

Woodside Park said...

That is a cantaloupe? Hmmm :(

BTW, is that a rosemary shrub behind Mischief? I can't really tell.

Did you make your deadline?

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha's a baby cantaloupe whose life was cut tragically short. Yes, monster rosemary bush...thankfully something that takes little maintenance.

Met my initial deadline, thank you for asking...few more days and it will be off of my desk, whew

Woodside Park said...

OK, that rosemary shrub is AWESOME!!! Rosemary is on the edge here....depending on what kind of winter and location.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Hysterical..... so sorry! I have no doubt that next year will be a huge success..... just look around at the rest of your fabulous yard! :)

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