Saturday, September 8, 2012


via here
oil on canvas
Dan Fogel

For Grandparents Day
we wrapped both love and hugs in a box.
An idea gleaned from the crafty folks on Pinterest

After tracing our "hugs"...

we added some personality

Mooove...get off my hug!

Freed from their paper

Rolled and ready...packed and through the mail to MeMe and PaPa

Happy Grandparents Day


Anonymous said...

That first photo is the BEST! I'm sure the Grandparents loved their sweet paper hugs. I hope T's grandparents aren't aware of such holiday...oops?

Anonymous said...

What a great gift! You are so thoughtful! SB

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

What a darling idea..... can you believe I've already forgotten all of the U.S. holidays..... I'm horrified! Maybe if I have my girls do this craft... it will make up for it?!? :)

kayce hughes said...


Jennifer C. Webb said...

Crissy: I think they'll let it slide this year...sending hugs from Switzerland could get expensive ha

Woodside Park said...

Hey Jennifer -
I want hugs from M&M, too!! :)

I Dream Of said...

That is awesome! How clever and creative. I'm sure the grandparents LOVED getting hugs from M&M. Darling. XO

pve design said...

I thought you were going to be arrested for sending both of those little huggers in a tube. How sweet are they, love a little honest sibling rivalry.
I bet the Grandparents will love this.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

haaaa Patricia, they wouldn't fit in the box!

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