Wednesday, September 26, 2012

House Junkie

Architectural and garden plan
Mount Airy Plantation
via here

Architectural plan of Mount Airy
adapted by Whitney Morrill from drawings
by Thomas Tileston Waterman
via here

I'm a house-aholic.  It's old houses like in today's post that nearly cause me to overdose.  Many dream of finding an old, time worn home...rejuvenating its walls and interiors to its former glory.  And then there are homes like Mount perpetual glory.  Built in 1758 overlooking the Rappahannock River in Warsaw, Virginia, continuously inhabited and now cared for by the 10th generation of the Tayloe Family.
-all photos via here-

I first became aware of this home at the wedding of current owners, Catherine and Tayloe Emery.

Married upon Mount Airy's front steps, oriental rugs stretching outside served as the aisle.  Felt as if I had stepped into a BBC miniseries or Vogue photo shoot, I was in awe.  

Magnolia leaves and fall mums adorned the steps, surrounding the bride and groom

After the ceremony, we entered the great center hall where we greeted the bride and groom and their families.  The wide plank floors leading us to the rear of the hall opening up onto the sprawling back lawn covered by a large white tent where we celebrated into the night.

Now they have returned to Mount Airy with their children, the new stewards of this magnificent plantation. Recently featured in Virginia Living magazine, I refer you to this article detailing the history of Mount Airy, the industrious family that has called it home and the plans for its future.

Current owner, Tayloe Emery, in the library.  Cleaning a gun which Catherine intimated to me is actually her gun.  

Story time in the great hall.  

Rooms collected rather than decorated with heirlooms

The grounds no less inspiring than the interiors.

The ruins of the orangery, the oldest surviving in North America.

It is on these grounds that Catherine is leaving her mark on Mount Airy.  Once again, hands are tilling its soil.  Growing organic produce, tending chickens...and two little boys

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Karena said...

Historic homes such as this leave me breathless! The history, thank goodness the care and upkeep. 1758, just imagine the Tayloe ancestry and how they lived here!

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Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

There's nothing quite like a home with a good story to tell.... the true meaning of "storybook". So nice to hear of such a strong family heritage (rare these days!)...Just beautiful!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

These two are no doubt going to add many good stories of their own to this incredible place

kayce hughes said...


pve design said...

seriously, what is not to love...a home that has been lived in and loved for 2 1/2 centuries. If only it could talk.
now i know from what I junkie.
shoot me up with that bessie. i got it bad.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Patricia...the small glimpses I've had of your studio has the same result. Like crack ha

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