Thursday, August 9, 2012

In The Garden-Moonflower

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Study for Portal
(oil on linen)
by Kamille Corry

For more of her work see
Charleston, South Carolina

or her Utah based studio

Like my wilting plants, anxiously awaiting the moon for relief from the sun...I too have anxiously waited for the first blooms of my moonflower.  Planted upon an arbor in my rose garden, it's first bud opened today

Right on dusk

Blooming through the night...hopefully signaling more buds for tomorrow night



Gai, in northern California said... that's what they were. This is 62 years ago so the memories are fuzzy but now I'm almost sure that's what my grandmother planted on the side of their detached garage. I always thought they were four o'clocks. It always tickled her to see them open. Me too!
We would sit in her backyard on warm summer nights. She had a huge vegetable garden just beyond a small lawn area with a weeping willow tree. Always busy, she would sit and break apart string beans in her lap 'til it got too dark to see and the mosquitoes would drive us inside.
Have fun in Charleston!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

love that visual Gail, how sweet. It was always my job to snap peas and shell butter beans...will never forget my green, very sore, fingers

You inspired me to gather my girls this weekend and sit and wait for the buds to magically open

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