Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In the Garden-Keep on Plowing

This is Ba (aka Barbara), Mischief and Mayhem's other Momma...while I'm working
Mayhem holding a garden scrapbook

And this is Miss Irene...Ba's Momma.  A woman of faith and a life-long gardener.  But at 84 years old, however young in spirit, tending her flowers has become more difficult.  Yet, her passion is greater than her age.  Miss Irene still tends her flowers...by creating garden collages, preserving them in scrapbooks

A selection of her garden scrapbooks...just a few from her dozen or so albums

Filled with blooms harvested from magazines and catalogs

I've passed my old David Austin rose catalogs to her...hoping she can glean some blooms from their pages

The harvest of Miss Irene's garden is endurance.  Cultivating the mind and body rather than the soil.  My flowers may wither...but Miss Irene's gardens will live forever


pve design said...

Seriously, you know how to surround yourself with some mighty strong women in the garden of God.
I love ladies like this....reminds me of our boys 2nd Mother....when I worked in the city. She took such good care of them. She admired my garden - so lucky to meet women and admire them for their good deeds.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

she was accepted my girls into HER family...feel like they have gained additional aunts, cousins and another Grandmamma Miss Irene

Ba came to help us for the 1st six months of our first child's life. And now, we have a second who is 2.5 years old. Looks like she'll be going to college with them ha

Anonymous said...

These books are wonderful. Thanks to you and Miss Irene for sharing,

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

This is so special!.....what wonderful things these women are sharing with your girls.

Anonymous said...

What great books! How sweet that she was willing to share them with your family. SB

I Dream Of said...

Inspiring! Such a great reminder on the meaning of endurance and of passion. And how important it is to be able to create a little beauty in one's world, and the many ways of doing so! XO

kayce hughes said...

What a blessing.

Gail, in northern California said...

Miss Irene melts my heart.

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