Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday Flowers-Berries

via here
Abbie Mazyck (pastel on silk)
Elizabeth O"Neill Verner

More information here

Purchased last winter from one of Charleston's basket ladies...
popcorn berries.  The dried seed pods from the Chinese Tallow tree

Now a bouquet tied with silk ribbon...another non-flower flower arrangement

Imperishable yet fragile.  No vase repose upon a book


Woodside Park said...

Oh I want some tallow berries! Wonder where I can find some.....will check eBay. Nice!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

Loi: your ribbon tied annabelle inspired my berries! I'm going to do the same with my dried annabelle as well. Next time I'm in Charleston, I'm happy to pick some up for you....and ship to our shop

I used them this past winter to decorate our church windows for a family friend's wedding...tucked into magnolia and fraser fir branches. Love that these berries don't wilt

I Dream Of said...

So pretty! The perfect touch. And I love the turquoise birds, too. They are gorgeous! Happy weekend! XO

pve design said...

You really are amazing. I am just looking at a wonderful photo from my sons trip to Africa (because I can't sleep) and I want to paint it....It is a woman holding a basket of her mis-matched patterns. I want more mis-matched patterns and vignettes like you create.
love these type of fortune cookie quotes.
so much better than the one's in the cookies.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

ha, thanks...a creative friend suggested I turn my quotes into image files so they can be pinned. Trying it out

What joy I'm sure to see his photographs

I too was up late last night...husband and kids away, isn't supposed to help me sleep. Oh well. Best wishes for a restful sleep tonight for you

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